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Saturday, 13 June 2020 - Reviewed by Matt Tiley
Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun  (Credit: Big Finish)
Tom Baker - The Doctor; Louise Jameson - Leela
John Leeson - K9
Barnaby Edwards - First Officer Hix/ Autopilot
Paul Herzberg - Dr Zorn; Glen McCready - Captain Brandis
Fenella Woolgar - Lady Mailina Rigel-Smythe
Cover Artist - Simon Holub; Director - Nicholas Briggs
Music - Jamie Robertson; Sound - Toby Hrycel-Robinson
Written by Robert Valentine

Danger, Mistress. Danger!


After an accident, the TARDIS lands on a luxury star-liner. Leaving their ship to repair itself, the Doctor, Leela and K9 find themselves facing a great terror: mingling at a cocktail party.

Something seems awry behind the pleasantries, however. Guests are going missing, and equipment is breaking down. When the Doctor investigates further he discovers that the star-liner is literally on course for disaster.

But no-one seems surprised by this information, still less troubled. What’s going on? And can the Doctor and his friends save everyone... when nobody wants to be saved?


Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun is another little gem that has been born out of the nastiness that is Covid 19. The story was originally planned to be released in 2024, but was brought forward and recorded entirely in lockdown - which goes to show that even if you are working for Big Finish, you can still work from home. It also raises the question of exactly just how many Tom Baker recordings are in the can already? A fair few I'd wager.


The story is classic Who. The TARDIS is out of action, and we find the Doctor, Leela and K9 on a luxury star-liner, where everything is cocktails and civility, or at least that’s how things seem…..but scratch the surface and you will discover a cult with a death wish. Everyone onboard believes that at the heart of the sun is a tranquil paradise. The star-liner is on a course for our sun, and the passengers and crew are blindly hurtling towards certain death. It is of course, down to the Doctor, to try to talk some sense into them all.


I'm delighted to say that although he may now be working in solitude for this, Tom Baker is on absolute top form. It never ceases to amaze me that after all of these years,  he still owns this role. I'm always thankful to Big Finish for keeping this national treasure gainfully employed. Louise Jameson and John Leeson play the companions to perfection, and are both given plenty to do as the narrative unfolds. An honourable mention must go to the Dalek operator and voice actor Barnaby Edwards, who actually plays two roles in this story, the most memorable being the delightfully sinister, yet chirpy star-liner autopilot. 


As mentioned before, the story is classic Doctor Who. Writer Robert Valentine embraces the fourth Doctor's era with gusto, and has created a fast paced two part story, which, with its cult undertones would have fitted well in Philip Hinchcliffe's tenure on the show. 


For me, Shadow of the Sun was an instant classic. go listen to it now. 

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun is available from Big Finish HERE.