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Friday, 14 December 2018 - Reviewed by Chuck Foster
Lovarzi Christmas Jumper 2018 (Credit: Chuck Foster)
Official BBC Christmas Jumper
Manufactured by Lovarzi
Available from Amazon UK
I'm not a big jumper fan, to be honest, as I tend to prefer the freedom of a fleece, but this time of year lends itself to such attire, and today is of course Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day, so it does a good a time as ever to don the garment and what better than a Doctor Who jumper?!!

Taking a look on Amazon et al there are a lot of unofficial jumpers about, but I must admit I found the pattern design on many of them rather overwhelming. The official ones can be a bit garish at times, too, but this year's official jumper is quite a simple design that I don't feel embarassed to wear out in public, let alone in the office - considering what some of my colleagues wore today I felt very comfortable being seen in this one!

Speaking of comfort, this jumper was perfectly fine to wear, no sense of itchiness that I've quite often found with jumpers I've had in the past. I wasn't too sure what I would be like seeing it described as 100% acrylic, but actually it fitted okay, was snug but not restrictive (always fun when you have to put your arms up in the air!), and once the 'novelty' of wearing a jumper wore off I quite often forget I did have it on, which considering how fussy I am about clothing enclosing me was a definite plus (don't get me started on ties!).

As I mentioned earlier, the design is quite simple, with repeating police boxes and Daleks making their way around the torso (i.e. it is 360 degrees, unlike many that only have a front pattern). The only oddity I spotted that initialy make me think it was a flaw were some weird dark patches on the shoulder [which you can see on my right shoulder in the photo] - I eventually realised it was the outline of a Christmas tree - doh! I think it's the lack of decoration compared to the rest of the jumper that made it stand out to me.

All-in-all, it is a nice jumper to wear, not too garish but has its recognisable icons which quite a few colleagues commented on positively*, so as far as I'm concerned it was worth putting on and a worthwhie addition to my collection. Out of my various Who-related jumpers over the years I think it's probably my favourite too - unlike my bright blue Cyberman one of a few years' back this one doesn't leap out at passers-by (grin). [As my wife puts it, "you do like your stealth-wear"!]


* my boss: "I  love your Star Wars theme" ... ah well, can't win every time!

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