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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 - Reviewed by Simon Moore
Warlord Games: Twelfth Doctor and Companions (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)
Warlord Games
Released July 2017

Comprising of no less than five “unpainted pewter miniatures” for the Nottingham-based company’s “Doctor Who: Exterminate” skirmish game, the “Twelfth Doctor and Companions Set” contains plenty of models with which to keep tabletop fans of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the traveling Timelord happy. True, the sculpt chosen for this incarnation of the Doctor is arguably somewhat contentious, as it’s seemingly based upon ‘The Hybrid will stand in the ruins of Gallifrey…’ BBC publicity poster issued for the December 2015 story "Hell Bent", and thus includes both his character’s debatably divisive sonic sunglasses and electric guitar. But it’s a striking pose, well-suited to a model which represents a confident thinker, not a fighter, and is so wonderfully cast that it proves a straightforward joy to paint; albeit the shades do cover up the Doctor’s infamous “attack eyebrows”…

Sadly, the stance of Clara Oswald’s figure is a little unassuming and sedentary, given that it’s taken from the companion’s ‘swangsong’ story “Face the Raven”. Sporting a grey and lace jumper, with her arms limply hanging at her sides, there isn’t really a great deal of dynamism going on, and this is especially disappointing for an ‘assistant’ who has brought such energy and vigour to the TARDIS console room. Having said that though, the official paint-job on the miniature, as found on the back of the packaging, really does demonstrate just how great a likeness the sculpt is of actress Jenna Coleman.   

Infinitely more action-packed are the models of the Paternoster Gang, with Madame Vastra’s ‘sword almost at the ready’ stance proving my particular favourite. Rather than depict the female Silurian wearing her Victorian dress and veil, “Warlord Games” have instead shown the warrior from prehistoric Earth at her fighting best and ably attired in the costume worn by the character in “Deep Breath”. From a painter’s perspective, this apparel is an absolute dream to paint, with the reptile-like humanoid’s green scaly skin contrasting well with the dark purple leggings and sleeves.

Less colourful, but just as vibrantly posed, is Jenny Flint, whose weapon wielding-posture looks particularly fierce and suitable for a tabletop fighter. Considering that the formidable hand-to-hand combatant is dressed entirely in black, this miniature’s excellent attention to detail is crying out for a delicate dark grey dry-brush in order to highlight all the lacing, stitches and seams on her bodice and boots.

Lastly, is this marvelous boxed set’s version of the Sontaran nurse, Strax. Perhaps somewhat disappointingly unarmed, the violent manservant’s stance is no less impressive due to the distinctive glowering expression on his potato head, and his raised imperious fist. Indeed, it’s quite clear that the clone would be very willing to cause someone a horrendous mischief with his rolled up newspaper, should a person be unwise enough to provoke him.

For those interested in using these models specifically for the “Doctor Who: Exterminate!” tabletop game then there’s a distinct advantage to have already bought a copy of the miniature game’s starter set, as all of these characters’ official Recruitment and Adventure cards are included within that box rather than this one. As a result, if you want to play “Timey-Wimey”, “Sontaran Blaster” or “Sword” during a battle then you’re going to need to own the main game…

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